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Because everyone needs a little crack...
Hey guys! I was wondering if everyone is quitting or is anyone still interested in rping here?  I love this rp and would hate to not do anymore.. But, Since noone else is rping, It seems like this is going nowhere.  

I realize everyone is busy and has lives of their own.. the same goes for me. I just want to know if anyone else wants to continue here. I'd be willing to help do whatever needs to be done. Just comment here and let me know! Or send me a message. 

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Okay, all you slackers! Time again for the weeding of the... slackers. Let me start off by saying, believe me, I understand everyone has a life. I myself do as well, as work takes up the majority of it, but I can count on a single hand (maybe two) of how many people acutally rp with one another. So everyone has two weeks to reply to this post, or if they are unable to, to have someone reply for them. The deadline is the 11:59pm pacific time, January 18th. Don't forget, or you may lose your character!

EDIT: Time is up on claiming your characters. Kimeru, Abe, and Daiki are up for grabs again. Whoever had them before, you're more than happy to pick them up again, but it's first come first serve!

These are the characters that need to reply by the end of January 18th:
Yanagi Koutarou - kawaiikoutarou   TAKEN
Endou Yuuya - double_ryoma      TAKEN
Kimeru - usagi_kime     
Nagayama Takashi - nagayan_jam     TAKEN
Yoshitsugu Abe - abe_b     
Aoyama Souta - riktsu_ja_nai     TAKEN 
Shirota Yuu - buchou_of_love     TAKEN
Aiba Hiroki - kira_kira_aiba      TAKEN
Suzuki Hiroki - super_snufkin     TAKEN
Kujirai Kousuke - kuchukuji     TAKEN
Araki Hirofumi - mydatadontlie      TAKEN
Kaji Masaki - sweetcheekskaji     TAKEN
Takiguchi Yukihiro - takiyukisama   TAKEN
Seto Koji - setomaru   TAKEN
Shiozawa Hidemasa - jamming_flow      TAKEN
KENN - kennkun     TAKEN
Wada Masato - wada_wada_dane      TAKEN
Aoyagi Ruito - acrobaticruirui     TAKEN
TAKUYA - bright_dancer      TAKEN
Sano Daiki - daikichan  

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So sweetcheekskaji and I wanted to see how Kaji and Hide would pair up (actually, we had them together for a bit, before splitting them up) but we found them so cute, this is how we think their relationship would have started. Enjoy!

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I, the not-so-powerful Araki, challenge all of you to a contest of random-doodle-ish-thing!

What to do? Using Microsoft Paint, draw a picture of a TeniPuri character at the park!
What does this end? December 7th, 2006!
Prizes?! ..um.... the power to brag about how much I suck at doodling with MSPaint for eternity? You can even be called the "Doodle King!"

So how do ya enter, you ask? Upload the picture onto photobucket (or whatever) and post the link here!

Let's go people! *Takes out mouse* For my ego! CHAAAAARGE! *stampedes to a "how to draw in MS Paint" tutorial*

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Okay... So I have no life and decided to make this list to help everyone out with the chat portion of this role play. Some people (like me, sadly) tend to spend their lives chatting and don't update their journals like they're supposed to.

Adachi Osamu - c3p0chan
Aiba Hiroki - kira_kira_aiba
Aoyagi Ruito - acrobaticruirui
Araki Hirofumi - mydatadontlie
Endou Yuuya - double_ryoma
Kaji Masaki - sweetcheeksmasaki@hotmail.com
Kimeru - usagi_kime
Konma Takuya - bright_dancer86
Kujirai Kousuke - symnalreaper
Nagayama Takashi - nagayanjam
Oohashi Kenichirou (KENN) - kenn.kenn
Saitou Takumi - saitotakumikun
Shiozawa Hidemasa - jamming_flow@hotmail.com
Shirota Yuu - buchou_of_love
Wada Masato - wada_wada_dane
Yanagi Koutarou - bishonen_kawaii

And to those of you thinking about joining, PLEASE DO!!! It's easy to get into the storylines (mostly because there aren't any...) 
Should I post a list on all the couples that have hooked up, too? (*cough* foursome *cough*) It might be helpful for people thinking about joining... if I see interest in it, I will... you might be surprised at some of the crack in play... heh... 

((Oh, and I left this as public because it's all in everyone's profiles anyways... most of it anyways... I think...))

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These characters are again up for grabs:

Tsuchiya Yuichi
Aoyama Souta (on hold for 24 hours)
Gomoto Naoya
Moriyama Eiji

Kujirai Kousuke

Katou Kazuki
Saitou Takumi
Kamakari Kenta
Date Kouji

If the original players want them back, you need to email me or Rune before they're snatched up.

Edit: Kujirai has been reclaimed, and Kenta is put on hold.
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Last chance for you to tell us if you still want your characters! If I don't hear from you by 12am Pacific tomorrow night, I will assume you no longer want your character.
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For all you that are just getting started, go to the user info page to find out how to get started. Can't wait to see you get started!
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Okay guys, as we have slowed down a little bit, I just want to take a check on who's still rping with someone, or updating their journals. It can be one or the other, but you still have to be doing ONE of them. If you're still interested in your boy, you have one week starting today to post back, letting us know if you still want want him. If I don't hear by then, I assume you no longer want him, and I'll put him back up for grabs. Thanks!!

Characters still in play:

Nagayama Takashi
Yoshitsugu Abe

Shirota Yuu
Aiba Hiroki
Adachi Osamu
Wada Masato (?)
Endou Yuuya
Yanagi Koutarou
Araki Hirofumi
Suzuki Hiroki

Aoyagi Ruito
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Kime's Private Entries: 2006/08/04 – 2006/08/05Collapse )
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