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Because everyone needs a little crack...

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Hello~ This community is an RPG comm! Yaay..>>; It's for Tenimyu! but..it's been decided to allow *Pnish* members in it as well, because they're linked to tenimyu (*coughMoriDaikicough*). So! What this community is all about is letting people take their cracktastic ideas and pretend it's real..>>; sounds fun, ne?

Maybe Nagayan is dating/living with Tuti? Maybe Araki is secretly into BDSM? Maybe Saitou's crazy fetish is crossdressing?...Well...that one's true..XD ANYTHING GOES!

How to join:

Well...you can email the mod with a request for a certain character. ^^ If the character is still available by the time the mod reads the email, then you'll get a confirmation email in reply, and you're free to make a journal for them~ Then you just join the community as that character, and you're in! Please email to BOTH mods though. As we're both on at different times, we'll sometimes be replying before the other gets the chance.

Now, the actual Community will only be used for Mod posts and also posts by the characters, but this is explained in the guidelines.

Here's where the rules come in.

1. Obey the Mods, of course XD
2. Try to participate in as many of the events as possible.
3. Interact with the other members
4. Make sure you read the guidelines before joining XD
5. Cheesy rule, I know, but Have fun!


The Mods will decide on a point in time there should be a mass chat. There will be a theme to this chat. This will be when a Mod posts and says:

"Okay! Everyone get on AIM (or whatever we say) at 00:00 PM/AM Eastern/Pacific/etc. Theme:! *something random like strip poker*... Add *mod's name* and I'll invite you~"

So this means that if you can make it, log in to AIM at that time under a username relevant to your character, and the mod will add you and...we play a huge game of strip poker! XD or whatever the theme is..it could be something general like "A random Party Kime's throwing", or whatever..so go crazy :3, Easy enough? Good.

Now for your part.

In the journal you've made for your character, the first thing you do is...make a post! Act as your character! If you were Nagayan you could say "Hey, this is Takashi..um...yeah. Kime told me to make this..." Or something, then go ahead and friend all of the other members of the community! Nagayan might want to friend Tuti, Kime, all of the old cast, whoever. He would comment on their blogs, etc. ^-^ simple ne?

Every once and a while, the mods might put up a challenge for a fic, or art, so make sure you keep track of the community~ What do you do then? Post it in your journal or if you want, post it here, as we've decided to open up the community to all charcters ONLY :D Other than that...HAVE FUN! Go crazy! ^______^



Yanagi Koutarou - kawaiikoutarou
Endou Yuuya - double_ryoma
Takigawa Eiji - Not taken yet
Kengo Ohkuchi - Not taken yet
Kimeru - Not taken yet
Tsuchiya Yuichi - tutilicious
Nagayama Takashi - nagayan_jam
Ichitarou - Not taken yet
Yoshitsugu Abe - Not taken yet
Kitagawa Eiki - Not taken yet
Gomoto Naoya - Not taken yet
Aoyama Souta - riktsu_ja_nai
Moriyama Eiji - Not taken yet

Shirota Yuu - buchou_of_love
Aiba Hiroki - kira_kira_aiba
Adachi Osamu - Not taken yet
Suzuki Hiroki - super_snufkin
Kotani Yoshikazu - Not taken yet
Kujirai Kousuke - kuchukutie
Araki Hirofumi - mydatadontlie
Kaji Masaki - sweetcheekskaji

Hotta Masaru - Not taken yet
Toyonaga Toshiyuki - Not taken yet
Ishibashi Yuusuke - Not taken yet

Sakurada Dori - dori_sakurada
Minami Keisuke - circle_kei
Takiguchi Yukihiro - takiyukisama
Seto Koji - setomaru
Nakayama Masaya - Not taken yet
Watanabe Koji - Not taken yet
Takagi Shinpei - Not taken yet
Yanagishita Tomo - tomo_risingsun

Hara Masaaki - Not taken yet
Kawamoto Ryo - Not taken yet
Eguchi Koichi - Not taken yet
(As Mori Yuya and Okamoto Yuki only played in Rokkaku, I decided to take them off the list. If you would like to play them, let me know, and I'll put them back up for you.)


Fujiwara Yuuki - Not taken yet
Konishi Hiroki - Not taken yet
Miyano Mamoru - Not taken yet
Takagi Shun - Not taken yet
YOH - Not taken yet

St. Rudolph:

Shiozawa Hidemasa - jamming_flow
KENN - kennkun
Aoki Kenji - Not taken yet
Katou Ryousuke - Not taken yet
Yuki Ootake - Not taken yet
Shinoda Mitsuyoshi - mitsu_kun_dane


Hayashi Iori - Not taken yet
Wada Masato - wada_wada_dane (Note: As work is getting a little overwelming, I haven't decided if I'm going to continue playing Wada or not. If you're interested in playing him, let me know at kasey_sanada@hotmail.com)
JURI - Not taken yet
Kawakubo Yuuki - Not taken yet
Yanagisawa Takahiko - Not taken yet
Yazaki Hiroshi - Not taken yet


Kazuki Katou - ON HOLD
Saitou Takumi - saitotakumi
Aoyagi Ruito - acrobaticruirui
TAKUYA - bright_dancer
Kamakari Kenta - kenken_rabu
Date Kouji - wtfitsdate
Kawai Ryunosuke - Not taken yet
Washimi Ryou - Not taken yet


Kawahara Kazuma - Not taken yet
Irei Kanata - Not taken yet
Ikegami Shoma - Not taken yet
IRE - Not taken yet
Shindo Gaku - Not taken yet
Katou Ryousuke - Not taken yet (Note: I know he's in St. Rudolph as well, I just put him here in case some people had forgotten, so no, he's not available twice)


Kanesaki Kentaro - Not taken yet
Yagami Ren - Not taken yet
Ono Kento - Not taken yet
Baba Toru - Not taken yet
Nakagauchi Masataka - Not taken yet
Yuki Jutta - Not taken yet
Kiriyama Ren - Not taken yet
Okawa Genki - Not taken yet

The God himself:

Yukio Ueshima - Not taken yet


Sano Daiki - Not taken yet
Washio Noburo - Not taken yet

If anyone has questions, don't hesitate to email the mods! We don't bite! rune_ebonwolf (E-mail me~) and kasey_sanada ( Email me~)