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Fic: Untitled 1/? (Kaji Masaki / Shiozawa Hidemasa) - CrackMyu
Because everyone needs a little crack...
Fic: Untitled 1/? (Kaji Masaki / Shiozawa Hidemasa)
So sweetcheekskaji and I wanted to see how Kaji and Hide would pair up (actually, we had them together for a bit, before splitting them up) but we found them so cute, this is how we think their relationship would have started. Enjoy!

Walking into the theater where the new Dream Live would take place, Shiozawa Hidemasa couldn't help but feel a little nervous. Since he hadn't been able to take part with the last musical, Hide hadn't met the new Seigaku cast. He knew most of them were from D-Boys, so being curious, he had looked them up. They weren't bad looking, he would give them that, but now if only they could act...

Hide barely walked into the dressing room, when a large amount of weight suddenly glomped onto him. "Gah! KENN, get off me! You're too heavy!!"

Katoh Ryosuke chuckled. "He's missed you Hide! He's been waiting all morning for you to come in."

"Don't care! He's too heavy!"

Kaji Masaki looked up at the commotion coming from the door to the large dressing room,  seeing a few of the St Rudolph boys with someone he had never seen before. The new guy was good looking. Pretty. Curiosity getting the better of him he grabbed a hold of Shirota Yuu, the half Spanish Tezuka,  "Shirotan! Oi! Who's the pretty boy with Kenn?"

Shirota looked to where Kaji was pointing.  He chuckled.  "His name his Shiozawa Hidemasa. He plays Mizuki. He couldn't be in Yamabuki, Kenn talked about him a lot."  He reached to ruffle Kaji's hair.

"He's pretty," Aiba Hiroki said from his seat in front of the mirror, straightening his hair. "I saw him in St. Rudolph. He made a awesome Mizuki."

Kaji slapped Shirota's hand away, glaring at the tall boy.   "Oh? He's good?"                                      He grins over in the direction of the newcomer.  " I suppose he is pretty if you like that type."   

"Hey everyone!" Kenn chirped happily, still latching onto the newcomer. "Come over here! I want you to meet Hide!"

Aiba chuckled as he stood up. "Poor Shiozawa-kun. He looks like he wants to run."

Kaji chuckled and placed a friendly arm around Aiba.   "Maybe he should eh? Look.. There goes Shirotan... Skipping right over."   Laughs and walks over to join the rest of the cast crowded around.  

"Everyone, this is Shiozawa Hidemasa!" Kenn said excitedly. "He's playing Mizuki in the Dream Live, but I think you all knew that."

Hide looked like he wanted to hide, but scowled instead, trying to get Kenn unlatched. "Of course they knew, you dumbass. My name was on the damn door!"

Kaji laughed at the look on his face.  Grinning, he turned to Kenn.  "Kenn-kun.. Shiozawa can't walk by himself.. he needs you to hold his hand?"   

Hide felt his cheeks flame up at that. Quickly untangling himself from Kenn, he left the group and went over to where the rest of the St. Rudolph cast was.

"Hide! Wait!" Kenn ran after him, Ryosuke following close behind.

Kaji looks after the black-haired boy, frowning. It was just a joke.  "Man! That guys pretty rude. Note to self, don't joke with touchy pretty boy"  Sighs softly. truthfully though.. he should apologize. He walked towards the St. Rudolph group. walking up behind them.

Ohtake Yuuki looked up as Kaji walked up and smiled. "Hey Kaji. What's up?" Aoki Kenji noticed Hide tense up slightly, and frowned slightly.

Kaji grins, waving at them.  "Hi Ohtake-kun! Everyone. I just came to welcome the new guy!"  He turns to grin brightly at Shiozawa.  "I'm Kaji Masaki. I play Momo. It's nice to meet you!"

"Hi..." Hide muttered, trying to do flip his hair lightly with a brush and spray.

Kaji frowned at him. Did he just get dismissed?  Jaw clenching, he stares at Shiozawa’s reflection, meeting his eyes.  He smiles slowly. "I hope your as good as they say you are... wouldn't want you to be embarrassed or anything..."  Nodding, he turns and walks back over to the Seigaku side, immediately kicking Zukki and starting a loud verbal match.

"Let's hope you don't shame Moriyama-san's memory with your acting," Hide said, not bothering to keep his voice down. Everyone in the room grew still, eyes wide.

"H-Hide..." Kenn said quietly.

Kaji stopped and then turned around slowly, eyes shooting daggers.  He walks slowly and determined back over there, getting up to Shiozawa’s face and string into his eyes. He opened his mouth and said low, voice echoing harshly in the dead silence,  "Listen.. Princess.. Don't you ever dismiss me or my acting without knowing a fucking thing."  

Standing up angrily, eyes flashing, Hide snapped back, "I'll dismiss your ass when I fucking feel like it! You're loud, you're annoying, and if you don't back the fuck out of my face, I'm going to break your goddamn nose!"

Almost as quick as lightning, there respective Captains quickly pulled them away from each other. Aoki had never seen Hide this pissed. "Hide, calm down already!"

Kaji struggled against Shirota's hold, snarling.  "I'll fix that pretty fucking face, you flipping fairy.!"  Spits on the floor in his direction.  "I'll break your fucking jaw!"

A loud growl was heard and Hide tried to get out of Aoki's grip. "I'm going to make you regret you ever met me, you fucking little-"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Everyone stilled as Wada Masato's voice boomed through the dressing room. Wada, who always wore a smile on his face and joked around with the others, even though he was the oldest in the group at 25, who was never angry at anyone or anything, wore the look of someone that was pissed.

"Both of you shut up, go back to your sides of the room and stay there!" Wada snapped. "You're working together, so grow up, stop with the petty fighting, or get out!" He glared at Kaji when he started to open his mouth to protest.

Hide snorted as he turned back to his booth and sat down, grabbing the brush angrily.

Shutting his mouth with a snap, looking down at the floor, shame welling up.  "Sorry, Maa-kun.. "  Kaji turned around and made his way over to the Seigaku side,  sitting at his mirror and refusing to look at anyone. Even when Adachi tried to give him some candy.  

Even Hide couldn't stay angry for long, when his own shame started coming on. He knew how he acted was wrong, but he was extremely shy, especially around new people... and when Kaji reacted the way he did, he did what he usually did... snapped back.
Even Hide couldn't stay angry for long, when his own shame started coming on. He knew how he acted was wrong, but he was extremely shy, especially around new people... and when Kaji reacted the way he did, he did what he usually did... snapped back.

"Hide," Kenn said softly, putting a hand on his shoulder. "are you..."

"Please Kenn," Hide said, almost to softly to hear, his voice trembling. "Just leave me be..."

Kenn knew what this meant and nodded. "Just let me know when you need to talk." When Hide nodded slightly, Kenn went back to his own area to get ready.

Kaji sighed and took his place on the stage, vowing silently to himself to forget the guy and just do what he does best.  He started to sing, warming up his voice, goofing around with Kuji and Shirota. It didn't take to long for the familiar smile to work it's way onto his face. He took his place for the run through of  "Power up de Ikkou"  Laughing and having a good time with his performance.

Suzuki Hiroki sighed and walked up to Shiozawa. He had seen the whole thing and wanted to talk to the other guy. Kaji was his best friend and he hated when anything took the smile off his face. Walking up behind the boy, he cleared his throat.   "Um.. excuse me... Shiozawa-kun?  Can I talk to you?"

Hide looked up from the script he was reading as he waited for his turn. "Uh... sure. Of course Suzuki-kun..."

Zukki sat next to him. He turned and smiled at the other man.  "Shiozawa...I don't know what Kaji did to make you angry.. But, he's my best friend. I'm asking you to not hurt his feelings. I was thinking you could... if not forget it... just stay away from him."   He let the smile go for a moment.   "I'm sure you understand.. right?"

Hide frowned as well. Was he being threatened? "Nfu." He opened his script again. "Why don't you go tell him the same?"

Zukki frowned. This guy was pigheaded.  "Believe me, I will. Kaji doesn't like to fight. But, he can be sensitive. I'm sure whatever it was that made you angry, he didn't mean the way you took it. He is only 17."  He stands up and looks down at him.  "He is our baby... We look after him."  Zukki nods, turning to walk away.

Hide started to say something, when Ueshima called him up. Sighing, he put his script down and went to the stage where Araki Hirofumi was waiting for him so they could practice 'Bunseki'.
Araki nodded to the black-haired man. He hadn't been in the room earlier, but Adachi Osamu had filled him in. Araki was curious as to what would set Kaji, who was usually so sweet and fun, to some snarling demon.  That had come from Shirota. Shirotan had a tendency to overdramatic. But, Araki didn't doubt something had happened. Kaji was moping and Kaji never moped. He turned to Shiozawa and ..

smiled.  "It's nice to meet you Shiozawa-kun. I'm Araki Hirofumi."  He bowed slightly and offered him a hand.

"Shiozawa Hidemasa.... but you already knew that I guess," Hide said, smiling back as he shook his hand. "I've seen Yamabuki. You do Inui very well."

Araki grinned at the compliment.  "Aoyama left some big shoes to fill. I just tried to bring my own approach to Inui. I saw More Than Limit. You capture Mizuki very well."  

"T-thank you..." Hide said, feeling his cheeks warm. "Shall we get started then... I-nu-i-kun?"

Arayan laughed. "Absolutely Mizuki."  The bespeckled man turned and took his place.  

Kaji watched the rehearsal. He felt sick. He really hated being angry. Anger always made him nauseous. He looked over and saw to object of his fury. Shiozawa thought he was so terrific. Kaji couldn't stand people who thought they were better than others. And from what he could tell. That was exactly the kind of guy Shiozawa was. He stared intently at the pair rehearsing. Why was Arayan being nice?

Hide started to sing his part, looking every part of Mizuki. His voice was strong, as if though he hadn't stopped playing the part of Mizuki months ago.

Kaji frowned and stared even harder. Why couldn't he fall? Do something.. just to prove that he wasn't so great.  He sighed dramatically. He should just grow up and forget about holier than thou men.

Hide continued to sing as Araki joined in, but his voice faltered slightly. He was being stared at. And it made him uneasy...

Kaji smiled. He messed up! He heard it. Kaji proud himself on his ear for music. And Shiozawa messed up. Kaji smirked in his direction. Serves him right.

"Kawai..sou..."Hide stammered, before stopping altogether. He tried again. "Kawai...sou ni..."

"Shiozawa-kun?" Ueshima looked concerned. "Is everything alright?"

Kaji grinned. Oh this was good. Shiozawa was screwing up big time. Kaji had one word for him Karma. His practice sucked thanks to the prissy man. He missed his cues and sprained his ankle. He knew deep down he was being childish and petty. But, honestly, his ankle hurt enough that he just didn't care.


"H-Hai. I'm fine Ueshima-sensei. May we try again?" Hide suddenly noticed Kaji off the side.

Noticing Shiozawa looking at him, Kaji glared at him. So what if he got caught staring. He was staring in avid hatred.

Hide stared at him for a moment, before turning away when he heard Araki calling him, but before he turned, Kaji noticed there was an unhappy look in his eyes.

Kaji watched him for a moment more before turning and limping away slightly. He really didn't feel good, maybe he needed to lay down. He gave Wada a smile as he passed him, trying to make it look as real as possible. the last thing he wanted was Maa-kun jumping him. He hadn't said anything about this morning. No one had. That made him nervous. The D-Boys weren't known for letting things go.

"Sorry about earlier, Araki-kun," Hide said after they finished. "Usually I'm pretty good about remembering my lines." He let out a light laugh, trying to shrug it off as if it was nothing.

Araki nodded at him. He had noticed Kaji's intense stare. It worried him. Kaji was never that... scary. "It's okay Shiozawa-kun. I've never seen him act like this before. I apologize on his behalf."

"No... he has a right to be angry with me..." Hide said softly. "I was rude... I get like that when I'm nervous..."

Araki reached out and patted his shoulder. "Kaji can be a little.. silly. He is young and tries very hard to make people happy. I'm sure if you explain things, he will apologize too. He is surprisingly understanding. Kaji is always the first one to cheer for someone."

Hide nodded. "Thank you, Araki-kun. That makes me feel a little better."

He smiled and nodded. " It's no problem Shiozawa-kun. I just want you to understand him a bit. Kaji is one of my best friends."  He smiled. "Now.. Shall we continue?"

Hide nodded, smiling this time, and when they went though their parts, Hide hit everything right on.

Afterwards, Hide was in the meeting room collecting his stuff, singing 'Erabareshi Elite Shuudan' to himself. "Rudolph ni tsudou warera Erabareshi tennis no..."

Kaji looked over at him and sighed. They were getting nowhere. He was tired of the D-Boys watching his every move and the Rudolph boys glaring at him.  He limped his way over to Shiozawa and cleared his throat, unsure of how to start.

Without turning around, Hide said softly, "You should put a ice pack on that before it gets worse."

Kaji felt heat surface his face.  "Aa.. I had planned on it. I'm leaving in a moment. I.. uh.. well.. "  He trailed off. How was he supposed to apologize. The guy wouldn't even look at him.

"I'm... sorry about earlier..." Hide's soft voice was heard saying. "I just... get nervous when I'm the center of attention, and I tend to get snappy."

Kaji jumped and looked down, his face flaming in shame.  "I really didn't mean to do whatever I did to hurt your feelings... I'm sure it was something stupid.. I say stupid things all the time."  He took a deep breath and looked at him.  "I'm really very sorry."

A small smile appeared on Hide's face and after a moment he stood. "Maybe we should start over." He held out his hand. "I'm Shiozawa Hidemasa."

Kaji grinned wide, taking his hands and shaking it enthusiastically. "I'm Kaji Masaki!  Nice to meet you!"

"Ah, Kaji-kun, my arm!"

Face turning red, he dropped his hand quickly, jumping back and hissing in pain as he put his weight onto his bad foot.  "Ahh.. Gomen.. Itai.. "

"Sit down, and I'll get a ice pack," Hide told him, putting his bag down.

"No.. You don't have to.. I'll be okay. Thank you for the offer though"  Kaji turned around to get his things, stumbling a little. He sighed and sat down on the chair,  smiling weakly.  "But, I will sit here for a moment."

Hide gave the younger man a look. "I'll get some ice," he said again and left the room.

He stared as the older boy left the room. Something told Kaji he wasn't going to be able to work around this one, like he could everyone else. Kaji smiled. He liked challenging people.

Hide returned a few minutes later with a bag of ice wrapped in cloth. "Prop your leg up here, " he said, sitting in the chair across from him and patting his leg.

He lifted his leg, laying it carefully in his lap, smiling softly.  "You didn't have to. I don't like troubling people"

Hide let out a soft 'nfu'. "If you were troubling me, I would tell you." Removing his shoe and sock, Hide winced when he saw the sprain. "You idiot! It's swollen!"

Head flying up to look at him, Kaji felt his face redden again, this time in slight anger.  "I know it's swollen.. I'm not an idiot.!  I have to practice."  He sighed softly, body relaxing into the chair.  "I hate not getting it right."

"I know you need to practice, but your body is important too." Putting the pack on the sprain and looked up at Kaji. "It wouldn't be like this had you taken care of it right away. It would have been fine tomorrow. Now you need to be off it at least three days."

Kaji sighed and pouted at him. "It will be fine tomorrow.. you'll see."  He had enough people trying to tell him what to do. He didn't need someone else thrown into it.

"That's what I said when I sprained my ankle, and I was off it for a week. You don't just have yourself to worry about Kaji-kun. If you get hurt, if effects everyone." Hide removed the ice pack for a moment rubbing the skin so it could get warm before putting it back on.

Kaji shifted slightly.  He wasn't sure what the hell just happened, but when Shiozawa touched his skin and rubbed, he felt a tug in the general vicinity of his groin. He shook his head slightly and refused to believe he was feeling any kind of attraction. It was too weird.


Kaji's head snapped up to look at him.  "H-Hai... "

Hide frowned slightly, concerned. "I asked if it was feeling any better? Should I get Ueshima-sensei?"

He managed a weak smile shaking his head.  "No.. It' feels fine. I was just thinking. Thanks for your help"  He swallowed. Please don't let him look anywhere but at my ankle. He thought to himself. He was pretty sure he getting a little stiff from the man rubbing on his ankle.

Taking the icepack off finally, Hide looked up at Kaji. "You should be alright until you get home. Just remember to do this a couple more times tonight and tomorrow. You should be fine after that, as long as you don't over do it, okay?"

He nodded and smiled at him.  "Your really nice to help me like this. I completely misjudged you and I'm very sorry."

Hide waved it off. "I get like that. Hell, ask Kenn and the others. They said I was like a primadonna during More than Limit, and they're right. I'm like that around new people."

He grinned and took his leg off of his lap, slowly sliding his foot back in his shoe.  "We don't bite."  He laughed softly and then grinned up at Shiozawa. "Well.. I do.. But, only Zukki.  So your safe."

Hide tensed slightly at the mention of Zukki's name, but smiled. "Well, that's reassuring." Standing up, he picked up his bag. "See you tomorrow?"

Kaji stood up as well, moving slowly toward his bag.  "Of course! I hate missing practice." He bent over and picked up his bag.  "I'll see you then. Shiozawa-kun."

Nodding, Hide waved goodbye before walking out.

Kaji watched him as he walked away. Well, it had certainly been a interesting day. He sighed and walked towards the train station. He was nervous about what the next days would bring.
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uranaikko From: uranaikko Date: November 25th, 2006 03:14 am (UTC) (Link)
*giigle* Hnya... this is good!!!
Another kaji crack pair xD *nfu*
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